Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new blog, gossip girl and wedding??

hi all..
ok..just wanna let u guys know that i am having a second blog which is specially dedicated for my passion in makeup and cosmetics. hahaha..just for fun la.. baru ade dua post je yea, u can just check it out at

oh, i am watching gossip sirl s3. wow, a lot better that s2. but i think my fav will always be s1. tp kan something about gg, smua org ialah semua org punye bf/gf/ or ex..kan? don't u think so? cam kisah hidup dia balik2 kat org yg sama..and i still think S's mom is so pretty. she looks so demure.

and i tgk hanin's wedding video a few days ago. or should i say akad video. it is simple and nice. but i still think that the akad as in tok kadi salam pengantin lelaki is more like kawen. and we can't have akad nikah without all those batal air semayang rite, it is so sweet, i don't wanna miss it...hahah.. kalau hanin bace jgn terasa tau, itu my opinion je..or more like what i want for my wedding. hahah..stop berangan plis fafa..

ok lah..nak call my elin cayang..


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cuti yang bosan...

The tittle explains it all..bosan tahap cipan...tatau nak buat ape..argh!!!

aritu pegi Chicago and accidentally jumpe miss NJ!!! so, we went sledding dekat park near kak Nana's house. awesome!!!! then malam tu gossip2 KYS pon bermula tambah pulak ade kak shida who is also a kyser and our super senior. then we met hanin from uiuc and she told us that she is planning nk kawen next summer. congrats to her.

cuti ni asyik shop mostly shop barang yg org kirim. but still, i love shopping. big thanks to kak shida and her ex-shah pekan a.k.a mr rama's fav school husband, tonjang for giving me and saini a free trip to chicago..really appreciate it..

after chicago, me amalabu nana saini and daus went to indianapolis. it was a one day trip but it was worth it. we went to the outlet then pegi keystone mall. ohmaigod!! keystone mall was awesome!! rase cam kat malaysia ok.. almaklum la mall kat lafayette sgt cokia jadi apabila terjumpa mall yg seakan-akan one utama kami menjadi jakun. bayangkan semua brand ade.just name it. tiff n co, lv, saks 5th avenue, burberry, mac, sephora. then we went to circle center. best jugak tp tak sebest keystone.heh.. and keystone ade food court ok. kecik je la, but still.. hahaha..
then we went to hard rock cafe bli baju and all.

pastu skrang dah bosan giler..