Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Such A Long Time..

lama nya tak merepek kerepek unique kat sini.. btw, i just arrived from Malaysia a few days ago.. summer was great!! the best part, of course meeting my family n waffi.. i enjoyed the food so much n of course gained a few pounds!! grr.. however i still miss one thing about USA.. nachos!! having nachos while gossiping is so awesome!! saini amal n sometimes miza are my nachos+mengumpat gang. haha..

i just love spending time with my family.. if i am in Kedah, you can hardly see me lepaking with my friends.. i am always with my family n waffi la of course kan.. the last time i did lepak with my friends was in 2006.. with waffi, asma n tam2..lepaking at secret recipe..

my trip with my family to Langkawi was awesome too.. i went to this zoo that was really unique.. you cam fed all animals in the zoo.. nice kan?

oh ya, b4 this i was always wonder how belut taste like.. so i went to pasar one morning n bought a belut just to taste it.. my mother was so geli with it so i had to basuh, n goreng it(pakcik kedai belut dah siang). well, i like it. the belut tasted sweet.

i really wanted to taste this thing called 'ulat mulong' because i saw pengacara majalah tiga ate it n she said that it tasted sweet too. but havent got the chance to do so.. maybe next time balik kot..hehe..

oh, i am so so mad n unsatisfied with northwest airlines..grrr!! the flight attendants were so old n grumpy. one of them wanted to trow my friend's luggage out of the flight just because she put it in someone else compartment. the raised their voice just because one of the passenger didnt hear them.. they didnt even inform us that they changed the route.. we were the last to be informed n we got the back seat that cant be adjusted. grr!! i will never fly with northwest airline anymore!! i hope so..

i had fever a few days after arriving in the us. my mom is so worried that it is not just a fever.. i mean H1N1.. haha.. i hope not..but i felt better today eventhough i am not fully recover...yet..